Rules and Information
Welcome to the third Discover Kern County 200.  I wanted to try my hand at being a Rally Master and so I came up with the idea of putting on an eight hour rally here in Kern County.  I am using the same basic format as the LowCal 250 which is run by Craig Chaddock.  The LowCal was the first rally I rode in and I had a blast.  I hope, if this is your first rally, you have a great time and enjoy riding the roads of Kern County.

This is a fund raiser for The Brain Aneurysm Foundation and all of the money collected today will be given to The Brain Aneurysm Foundation in the name of Discover Kern County 200.  If you want your donation to be tax deductible, please make your check out to The Brain Aneurysm Foundation.  When they receive your check they will send you a receipt for your records.

This rally is very basic and straight forward; however, reading comprehension and attention to detail will be very important.  There are no difficult bonus locations and this year there are no difficult dirt roads to any of the bonus locations.  Although the Discover Kern County 200 is a competition it is NOT a race.  The objective is to safely ride to as many of the bonus locations as you can and collect as many bonus points as you can in 8 hours.  The only requirement for finishing this rally is you must ride a minimum of 200 miles.  200 miles in 8 hours is a very easy ride. 

There is no big payoff for winning this rally.  You are not going to get famous for winning it.  You might get famous if you get hurt riding in this rally.  I don’t want that to happen!  At all times during this rally while you are operating or on a motorcycle you must have on a DOT approved motorcycle helmet, gloves, long pants and boots.  These items are not an option.  If you are seen operating your motorcycle in an unsafe manner during this rally you will be disqualified from the rally.  I should not have to say this but I am going to anyway.  The drinking of any alcoholic beverage or use of any illegal substances during this rally by any rider or passenger will not be tolerated.

We are law abiding citizens and you are expected, and encouraged to follow the rules of the road and speed limits.  You are also expected to live with the consequences if you decide not to.  Getting stopped by law enforcement takes time and you are on the clock.

I am putting on this rally for fun.  The people I have helping me with the rally are volunteers.  I want this event to be fun for everyone involved.  I want all the riders to have a good attitude.  Whining, crying and complaining will not be tolerated.  None of us are getting paid to do this and any kind of abuse, verbal or otherwise, will not be tolerated. No behavior determined to be unsafe, or not in the best interest of the rally and the riders will be tolerated.

As the Rally Master, I have the final say in the scoring of the bonus locations.  Most of the requirements for scoring a bonus location are pretty easy.  If the instructions require you to take a picture YOUR RALLY FLAG MUST BE IN THE PICTURE!  There are no picture locations where your rally flag is not required.  If you lose your rally flag your face must be in the picture.  Don’t lose your rally flag!  The whole purpose of taking pictures or answering questions is so I know you were at the location of the bonus.  I don’t expect your pictures to look just like mine.  If you fail to write down the time and mileage at the bonus location you will not be allowed to score those points.  Ranking will be by the number of points scored.  If there is a tie I will break it down to points per mile.  If we still have a tie I will break it down to points per minute.

The rally packs and bonus locations will be handed out at 0700 hours.  You will have one hour of non-rally time to use for routing.  You may leave the parking lot after 0800 hours.  The rally ends at 1600 hours (4:00PM).  If you finish after 1600 hours you will be DNF.  If you are out on the rally and you decide for whatever reason you do not want to finish the rally, please call me and tell me.  If you have not called and checked in by 1630 hours I will start calling your emergency contacts.  Please make sure the number you give for an emergency contact is someone who knows where you are and is available for phone calls.  I am going to use my cell phone as the official clock for this rally.  You are welcome to compare the time on my phone to the clock you are going to be using prior to leaving the parking lot at the start of the rally.

Riders cannot ride as teams and share answers, pictures etc. to increase their scores.  Two or more riders can plan and ride together for all or part of the rally with no restrictions.  It is understood that riders must ride to the bonus locations themselves to receive points.  Riders will be required to log their time and mileage at each of the bonus locations.

What you are going to need.
A camera which will allow me to view the pictures or a media card which I can put in my computer and see the pictures.  You can take as many pictures as you want.  I will not be keeping your media card.  Please keep in mind it is your responsibility that I be able to view the pictures at the finish for scoring.

Pens for recording mileage, time and answers.

Maps of Kern County.

I will be providing you will a rally flag.  You might want to bring something to hold the flag up at bonus locations.  In most cases a couple of alligator clips with 2 feet of cord will make things a lot easier for you.

A GPS will make things a lot easier for you, but it is not required for this rally.

A valid Drivers License, with a motorcycle endorsement, if required by your state.

Proof of current registration for your motorcycle.

Proof of current insurance for your motorcycle.  Make sure the VIN number on your insurance card is the same as the VIN number on your motorcycle.

There is a good possibility your will be riding in rural areas in Kern County.  I would suggest you have a first aid kit, tools and a tire repair kit.  Fuel should not be an issue for most motorcycles in this rally.

Rally Headquarters:

The Rocket Shop Cafe
2000 Union Avenue, 93307
N. 35.33146 W. 119.00212


Saturday October 26th, 2013

0630 – Registration
0700 – Rally packs handed out
0800 – Rally starts
1500 – Finish line opens and scoring begins
1600 – Rally ends.  Any riders in after 1600 are DNF.
1700 - Awards and raffle