What is Mini-Rally?

A Mini-Rally has been described as, "A scavenger hunt on steroids."  And in my humble opinion this is a very good description of an Mini-Rally.

The basics of the rally are this.  At the beginning of the rally you are given a "Rally Pack".  This Rally Pack contains information on several locations throughout the region the rally is being held, whether it is in a County, State, numerous States, or the whole United States.  Each of these bonus locations are associated to a point value and an objective.  In order to collect the points, you have to complete the objective.  It usually is something simple such as take a picture of a certain item or answer a question about a certain location. 

Sometimes the bonus location can be very difficult to get to.  This makes it worth more points.  Bonus locations which are right next to the road on the route are worth fewer points.

In most rally's only the bonus locations and their point values are given to the riders.  It is up to the riders to figure out a route they can complete in the allotted time and collect the most points.  That will be the case for the rally this year.  You will  need to do your own routing making sure you ride at least 200 miles.  All of the bonus locations will be inside Kern County.  If anything special is needed to complete the bonus it will be noted in the rally pack.

The most important thing a rider can do in a rally is BE SAFE and finish!  Speeding is not condoned!  The second most important thing is to have fun riding your motorcycle and finding the bonus locations!